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Litom Solar Garden Landscaping Lights Review 2021

Making your smart home more secure is one of the most important aspects. A great way to start is by…

Making your smart home more secure is one of the most important aspects. A great way to start is by adding efficient lighting such as the Litom solar lights to increase security for your home.

Outdoor lighting is probably one of the easiest way to make your home more secure, both for yourself, family and visitors – but also to put off bad actors from sneaking around your property at night.

Today we’re looking at the Litom Solar Landscaping lights, which are available for a great budget price and come in a 2, 4 or 6 pack.

Unboxing the solar lights

I purchased the 6 pack to light up the driveway leading to the house and around the garden. Included in the box we can find the 6 solar lights each individually wrapped safely in bubble wrap. Next, an instruction leaflet with the best practices for placement and manual, screws and raw-plugs to mount the light to the wall, and finally pole to stick into the ground.

Unboxing the Litom Solar Lights
Unboxing the litom solar lights
Setting up the Litom Solar Lights
Setting up the Litom Solar Lights

Setup and installation

Getting the solar lights set up could not be easier. First, you need to decide whether you want to mount them to a wall, or in the ground. In my case, I will be placing all of the landscaping lights in the ground, so I simply could attach the pole to the base of the light. Once it’s pushed in place the whole assembly feels very sturdy with the ground poles being held in well with friction.

The lights feature an articulating arm, which allows you to adjust the angle the light is facing upwards. Unfortunately the range of adjustment is rather limited. I would have preferred to being able to adjust the light slightly further down, to illuminate the ground more when lighting up a path.

Range of adjustment

Once you have found a nice spot you can turn on the lights. Using the power button on the back you can toggle between two modes: 50% brightness and 100% brightness. Depending on the mode, the light will briefly flash in according to mode brightness. The first mode will yield around 12 hours of battery and the latter around 6 hours.

They will then charge during the day, and as soon as there is not enough light on the solar panel they will automatically turn on to the mode you previously selected.

Usage & brightness

My favourite part about these lights is how simple and elegant the solution is. Once you installed them it’s pretty much a set and forget experience.

litom solar path lights in the evening

For lighting up path ways the brightness is extremely sufficient, and I would almost argue that setting them to the high brightness mode is only necessary when using them to light up landscapes or you need a large coverage. Otherwise the medium setting is perfect for an ambient light, adding atmosphere and providing safety for pathways.

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