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Eufy Indoor Cam 2K – First impressions, setup and review

The Eufy Indoor Cam 2K is an affordable and feature packed indoor camera to help protect your home while you’re…

The Eufy Indoor Cam 2K is an affordable and feature packed indoor camera to help protect your home while you’re away or to keep an eye out on your pets. One of the key highlights of the EufyCam is that, unlike other premium and budget brands, it does not require any subscription at all. Allowing you to keep your video recordings saved locally on an SD Card, to the Cloud or via Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video.

Unboxing the Eufy Indoor Cam 2k

Let’s get started with the setup of the security camera. What I really like is the simple and minimal packaging the camera is sent in.

Included in the box we’ll find everything we need to successfully set it up:

  • Eufy Indoor Cam
  • 2M Micro USB Cable
  • USB Wall Power Adapter
  • Mounting bracket with screws
  • Instructions

App and connectivity

Getting started we first need to download and create an account with the free Eufy app, it’s available on the Play Store and App Store for both Android and iOS. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible for me to set up the camera without an account, which would have been nice, since the Camera does support local storage only making me wonder why I need an account.

Other than that, the app was very well made and simple to understand, it guided me through all the steps to connect to WiFi and at the end even included a full tutorial on how to mount the camera and it’s different options.


Eufy’s camera is feature packed with advanced AI that is running on device. This is great from both a privacy and user point of view. You can configure the camera to for example only notify you when you pet is detected, or only when a person is detected. This is great, as it allows you to fine tune your motion triggers and help you stay focused while receiving only the most important notifications.

What is also a huge benefit, you can record locally to an SD Card. In my case I have purchased a budget friendly 32GB Micro SD from Intenso and upon setup it immediately got recognised and formatted to work well with the camera.

Smart with Alexa and Google Home

Another awesome feature of the Indoor 2K is that you can easily enable it in your Echo Show or Google Home device. I have been able to set up the camera with my Echo Show 5 by simply enabling the Eufy Security Skill and logging into my Eufy account. All of this did work flawlessly.

Video Quality

With a 2K resolution, the Eufy Indoor Cam offers a crisp video that looks clear and very sharp. Perhaps there is a little bit too much artificial sharping happening when the video get’s processed. During the day the image stays very clear and doesn’t over-expose. During the night, the camera has an array of IR LEDs that flood the room with infrared light, illuminating the entire room to provide a very good night-vision shot.

Unfortunately if you would like to use the camera together with HomeKit you are limited to 1080p video and no AI functions.

Overall, the video quality is very solid, the only improvement could be in reducing the “sharpness” filter when zooming in.

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