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Anker’s Zolo Liberty Review 2019 – Are these the AirPods killer for Android?

The new Zolo Liberty headphones by popular accessory maker Anker are a true wireless, budget friendly AirPods competitor that work…

The new Zolo Liberty headphones by popular accessory maker Anker are a true wireless, budget friendly AirPods competitor that work flawlessly on Android – Read how they perform in our review here.

Anker’s promising new lineup of True Wireless Headphones, called Zolo are small In-Ear earbuds which you can pick up on Amazon for around 60€ / $70 on sale. My first impression was very positive, continuing with the unboxing you will find a nice and compact charging case that also hold the headphones while not in use, a micro USB cable, and a variety of different ear tips to find your perfect comfortable fit.

Design & Quality

The Liberty headphones come with a very nice and premium feeling charging case, which is about double the size of the AirPods case. Despite it’s size the case feels evenly well made and double as durable as the AirPods. Another neat feature we found are the three charging indicator LEDs on the front.

In the box there are also a variety of ear tips, as well as large silicone covers “GripFit”. The covers are supposed to provide a better grip while wearing.

In terms of weight of each Zolo Headphone weigh around 6.5 gram, where as the AirPods weigh only 4 grams. The difference isn’t really noticeable after wearing both pairs.

Sound Test

I have been using the Zolo Liberty Headphones for over two weeks, included in that my daily commute to work in the tube and two long distance trips with the Flixbus. For this time I have been using the headphones and listening to a variety of Indie music, Electronic and Hip hop.

My first impression was very positive – the Zolo’s were able to fit in my ears very comfortably and provided very good noise isolation. The high and mids were very nicely pronounced, but lacking was the bass. I adjusted the EQ on my Pixel to improve this, and can only recommend if you enjoy bass heavy tracks to increase the lows.

Compared to the AirPods the sound quality was very clear and overall a nice listening pleasure – especially while being active or just on a daily commute the Liberty’s held up to their promise.

Battery Life

Good wireless headphones will have listening time of anywhere between 6 to 8 hours, with true wireless earphones these figures are obviously lower since the battery is smaller and is stored in each earphone so the numbers usually decrease to approx. 2 to 4 hours.

The Anker Zolo Liberty did average at a solid advertised 4 hours and from my 2 weeks testing they actually do get to that.

From my experience, Anker knows what they’re doing. The batteries being used here gave me a solid standby time of around 24 hours with the charging case.


The multimedia controls on the Liberty are via touch gestures. This was for me the most frustrating part of using the headset. Adjusting the volume is very tricky and depending how long you press on the side, you can control voice commands or answer and end phone calls.


If you’re searching for an inexpensive, true wireless set of headphones that have a long battery life and work great with both Android and iOS the Zolo Liberty are a solid choice for people that are active. We can recommend picking these up while they are on sale on Amazon. If you are looking for very high quality audio you might be disappointed.



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