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The best Android Phones on a Budget – September 2017

In this roundup we’re featuring the best Android phones if you’re on a budget, but don’t want to make compromises…

In this roundup we’re featuring the best Android phones if you’re on a budget, but don’t want to make compromises in performance, quality and camera then this article is for you!

If you’re searching for the ultimate budget phone, we came to the conclusion that Motorola has succeeded again in the price to performance. Bringing all features to the Moto G5 Plus we’d expect from a high-end flagship smartphone, to an affordable price.

Starting with the awesome 5.2 Inch Full HD (1080p) display, to the excellent balance between performance and battery life in a combination of the Snapdragon 625 and a large 3000mAh battery.

Another very surprising addition was the improved low light capabilities of the 12 MP camera, which sports the same hardware as the Galaxy S7(!). Performing very similar and high-resolution shots, that are comparable with this year’s flagships.

Bottom line: The Moto G5 Plus is definitely the best sub-$250 smartphones you can buy at almost any budget today, and it’s still an amazing phone without making any compromises despite the price.

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  1. The large 3000mAh battery is my favourite and important feature of this phone. I like large batteries as I am out all day and not always able to charge my battery.

  2. I really need consistency for a phine. Most I’ve had work sometimes and others they dont. I undestand they all have their glitches but I lI’ve I can do almost anything on my phone

  3. What interests me the most in a Smartphone is its processing speed and its RAM and ROM because I like it to work when it is needed

  4. Design,Camera & battery….because phone should feel good in your hands…good camera clicks great pics & with good battery you can use the mobile much more

  5. For me RAM is the most important feature of a phone coz it stores all the datas/ apps you want/need and access it directly.

  6. A good, long-lasting battery. That’s the most important thing after an economical service plan and good area coverage.

  7. My favorite feature off course the camera because camera is the only feature on smartphone that mostly people around the world are enjoyed taking selfy and taking memorable pictures specially on travel.

  8. Most important feature for me is durability (I accidentally drop my phone all the damn time) and good battery life.

  9. I think that the price influences a lot in my opinion, but camera, performance and battery life are really important features.

  10. My favourite and important phone feature is always the camera, as I really love capturing images and most of the time I would upload those photos onto social media.

  11. I didn’t think I would use it that much, but split screen. So I can watch YouTube videos and send messages without interrupting the video. Sooo useful!