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Dreame D10s Robot Vacuum and Mop

The Dreame D10s is a budget friendly robot vacuum and mop that comes with a bunch of features and high end specs.

What stood out for me were the following highlights:

The robot comes in at a great price point, has a very strong suction of 5000 Pa, good battery life with up to 280 min run time, LIDAR Navigation & carpet detection, drag mop feature, a good app (Dreamehome) and integrates well with the Google Home App & Assistant.

The Dreame D10s doesn’t come with a automatic emptying station (Unlike the more expensive Pro or Plus models), but for me this was a benefit, since I don’t need to worry about buying or throwing away dust bags.

Overall it’s very easy to maintain, use and does a great job at cleaning 🙂

Get a DreameBot D10s here:



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