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Pixel 4 Face Unlock confirmed in Official Teaser Video by Google

Google just released a new “leak” for the up and coming Pixel 4 flagships. The company posted to their blog,…

Google just released a new “leak” for the up and coming Pixel 4 flagships. The company posted to their blog, two brand new, features. Face Unlocking and Motion Sense. These two features were already highly rumored, as in previous leaks there was no finger print sensor on the back, and the front of the device had a unusually tall and large top bezel.

Pixel 4 official leak. Source Google

Motion Sense

Using the new motion sense feature. It has been under long development by Google, and has been previously seen on prototype smartwatches. Using this new feature you will be able to control your phone, only using gestures. How useful this really will be, or if it’s just another gimmick is still left to be tested. So far the company is showcasing that you can use the new motion sense to skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls.

This technology has been built by the Adavanced Technology and Projects team over at Google. It uses the same technology, a Soli motion sensing radar to detect objects. It is the same tech that has been used for decades to detect planes and other large objects.

Internal view of the Pixel 4 bezel. Source Google

Face Unlocking

Google’s idea of face unlocking is heavily inspired by Apple’s Face ID. Since the introduction of Face ID many other phones have been adapting similar ideas, yet never have been successful to create such a secure and reliable implementation.

According to the Blog Post from Google, you don’t need to lift the Pixel 4 up all the way, neither do you need to hold the phone in any particular way.

Security is also mentioned as an important topic. Since security and privacy are a core principle for the Pixel phones. Face Unlock data is all processed locally on the device it self, so images never need to leave to a cloud. This data is securely stored on the Titan M security chip built inside the phone.



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